Vibration analysis

Good Vibrations!?

Vibration issues can quickly lead to the early failure of components. In conducting of an analysis according to VDI 3834/1, we evaluate the vibration levels across the whole power plant and illustrate the results using a traffic light colour scheme.

This involves creating an individual fingerprint for every wind power plant and evaluating it based on a pool of measurement data from similar power plants. Take advantage of our comprehensive pool of factual data for your business. While the case management system (CMS) implemented by the manufacturer continuously monitors just one power plant in each case, the vibration analysis according to VDI 3834/1 evaluates your OWEP in relation to the other wind power plants and enables them to be compared.

The benefits for you:

Our inspectors helped to draft the directive VDI 3834/1. This directive is currently being used to prepare the ISO standard.

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