Periodic Inspections

Truth and responsibility

The periodic inspection is prescribed by law, and assesses the actual and “what should be” condition of the OWEP, and its technical safety and functional capability. From the perspective of the legislator, it serves primarily to ensure that the system does not pose any inherent risks.

Aspects of the periodic inspection include:

» a review of all the regulatory requirements stipulated by the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency,
» inspecting the supporting structure, scour protection, tower, nacelle, rotor blades, etc.,
» inspection of the security system,
» examination of the servicing specifications, as well as of all the maintenance logs

OTR’s inspectors begin by examining the following documentation:

This is followed by a visual inspection. Individual parts of the system including the rotor blades and the underwater structure, together with the scour protection, are examined close up. OTR deploys divers or remote-controlled underwater vehicles fitted with cameras for the underwater inspections. Alongside the stability of the OWEP, the machinery as well as the safety and braking systems are also tested.

The elements of the period inspection:

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